Product for POC of Curriculum

Product for POC of Curriculum

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This is a test product for POC of Curriculum. 

What Courses are included?

HealthStream Operating Room Protocol and Asceptic Technique for Healthcare Representatives

In this course, you will learn the necessary elements to make you more comfortable in an operating room (OR) setting. As a member of an OR team, it is crucial that you are aware of what will happen around you. The more conscious you are of your surroundings, the more at ease you will be, thus allowing you to help to your fullest ability and ensure the highest level of aseptic technique is followed. This course will help you to focus on the requirements needed to fulfill your duties within the OR, thus making you more successful at your mission. This interactive course provides foundational information on topics focused on increasing patient safety and reducing risk.

After completing this learning activity, the participant should be able to:

  • Summarize the roles, responsibilities, and duties within the operating room.
  • Specify how to properly prepare yourself for the operating room.
  • Identify how to properly prepare the area for the surgeon, such as arranging the mayo stand, back table, and instrument set.
  • List how to prepare the patient for the procedure.
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